About us

about us

Vilarsh Healthcare has been an extended my family. People from different culture & background have joined to form a united family. It makes me happy to see that we are working together for a common cause to provide good quality medicines to improve healthy life at an affordable price.

I want to thank each and every team member of Vilarsh because Vilarsh is about to achieve highest point of Pharma world.

I wish, VILARSH all success and with its growth may all be benefited.

Mr. V. P. Solanki, MD

With Vilarsh growth as one of the fastest in the country, managing finance effectively is one of the key portfolios.

Drug delivery system that has played an important role in pharma growth. So Vilarsh Healthcare is working on new technology of Drug Delivery System.

Few products will be offered to society very soon with latest technology, those will give more benefits, those are in pipeline.

Dr. Ruby Chaudhary, Director

Let us inform you about everything important directly.